Who We Are:

We create life-sustaining solutions that alleviate global poverty.

Who We Serve:

We work around the world with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

What We Do:

We focus on innovative products that improve the lives of the poor and provide better health, education, and employment opportunities. DO’s current flagship project, the LifePump, is helping to solve the global water crisis and bring the many benefits of reliable water to people across Africa.   We achieve success for our products by following the methods and principles outlined below.

  • We discover needs by working with global partners who work directly with underserved local communities. We focus on developing solutions for needs that are often overlooked.
  • During the development of solutions, we provide opportunities for professionals to volunteer their time, talent and access to resources. DO creates a platform for collaboration among experts in engineering, manufacturing, and business that leads to innovative and user oriented solutions.
  • We focus on developing total and sustainable solutions and evaluate our solutions’ performance using data driven methods. These methods provide critical feedback to us and our partners.
  • We support our solutions by providing project management, engineering and marketing expertise, while helping to establish methods for distribution.
  • We utilize market-based approaches to sustainability with the aim of creating self-supporting products.


Our industry partners include subject matter experts as well as leading producers of key components to a larger solution. It is important for the industry to find partnering with DO beneficial. Many industries are philanthropic and provide necessary services or parts through in-kind donations and also seek to enter emerging markets. Much of the DO team is comprised of individuals from organizations in the industry who are enthusiastic to contribute their time to our efforts.


Accomplishing significant work by solving real problems for people in developing countries is possible through the generous support of many philanthropists – thank you! DO is able to leverage such philanthropic investment with a highly skilled network of professionals giving their pro-bono services and organizations their in-kind support. Together we can truly make a difference!


Many colleges and universities are developing strong humanitarian engineering and social entrepreneur-ism coursework and programs.

We partner with such institutions to provide meaningful opportunities with real world impact for their students as well as faculty. Through these partnerships DO gains committed volunteers who are eager to give their time to work with DO in creating sustainable solutions.

DO Coalition

Pulling together industry organizations, non-profits, donors, and academic institutions provides the necessary foundation to solve tough developing-world problems. Our partners in the field discover the end-users’ needs and wants, and in turn, we develop coalitions of partners to solve the problems. Doing so enables the best possible solution to be developed that will be sustainable into the future.


Fully understanding the needs and wants of the end-users, as well as implementers, provides real, meaningful solutions. We employ human-centered design principles and discover why end-users think they need what they say. This allows us to provide the best possible solutions. Coupled with engineering expertise, the DO team partners with end-users as co-designers to succeed.

Solve Problems

Discover Need | Implement Solution

Our philosophy is to discover real problems in the developing world and tackle the ones with the biggest impact.

We begin with an open mind and work to solve real problems without pushing a preconceived idea or product onto the market.


We value our non-profit partners with boots on the ground in the developing world to help identify needs, implement solutions, and follow up and measure progress. These organizations are embedded around the world and are highly respected within their countries and the villages they serve. Our goal is to help support such organizations become better at doing what they do with sustainable solutions.

Why We Serve:

Design Outreach was founded by engineers who wanted to put their faith into action. They felt called to help provide opportunities for Christian professionals to serve God and love others. Design Outreach affirms the Christian faith (see our Statement of Faith) as part of our core identity as an organization and in our day to day work.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the “go-to” provider of innovative solutions for global partners combating poverty.