June 2014

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Hundred Pump Project Kicks Off at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Understatement alert: Today was exciting, even thrilling. It represents the culmination (to date) of so many years of work, of talking about Design Outreach, of building/testing/refining the LifePump and of developing friendships and partnerships that are resulting in something great.

Today, DO formally announced that it is going to fund, manufacture and install one hundred LifePumps in villages across five African countries – that means clean, safe, reliable water for nearly 40,000 people.

When I say ‘formally,’ I mean that we held an event for a couple hundred friends at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium’s new Heart of Africa exhibit. DO has been talking about this project informally for months – talking about this as our biggest initiative to date with the greatest impact whose results will be seen immediately but also last for years to come.

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